Rare and Extinct

Rare & Extinct

Heath Hen - Pair

One of the more notable of extinct species because of the familiarity of the race to North America, the Heath Hen is a member of the Gallinaceous tribe of birds.

Housed in a black Victorian 3 sided glazed case, Measuring 70cm long, 60cm high and 28cm deep. Comes complete with original paper inlay to the case with scenic diorama habitat painted to the rear wall.

Edges are black taped, porcelain bun feet to case.

Superb quality for an extinct collectable.

Measurements: 70cm long X 60cm high X 28cm deep

Price: $24,000


The Heath Hen (Tympanichus cupido cupido) is a sub-species of Prairie Chicken, a species which was once widely distributed across the plains of North America, with a range that once extended east to the Atlantic seaboard.

The Heath Hen disappeared some time during the nineteenth century, but it clung to existence on Martha's Vineyard, an island in Buzzards Bay off the Massachusetts coast, where numbers were reported as reaching as many as 2,000 birds in 1916.

Disaster struck this island when fire destroyed much of the hens environment, from which the population only partially recovered, before spiralling downwards to extinction.

After December 1928, only a solitary individual seemed to survive. It was last seen alive on 11 March, 1932.

This pair of Heath Hens are in superb condition, beautiful feathering, lovely work by the taxidermist, tight crisp tail feathers and silky plume. A beautiful example of a now extinct sub-species.

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