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Sep 18

Euro Pins

Posted by Design Websitewise on Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tired of pins that bend or rust in your game heads and leave ugly rust marks where they have been?
Then you need to try Euro Pins, specifically designed by taxidermists for taxidermists. 
I once thought pins were pins, but marvelled at the beautiful grooming arrangement by the masters of bird taxidermists in Europe.

The simple secret is Euro pins, no gummy tape, no crimping threads, simply groom and pin your feather tracts in place until they dry and set

There stainless steel shafts with moulded plastic handles ensures rust free use over and over again, plus easy removal from the specimen without those corrosive problems.
Once you try these pins, you will never go back to standard steel pins.

Standard face and game head pins -50 mm and 62 mm varieties, $25.00 per 100 plus GST
The 130 mm long game bird pin ideal for the game bird taxidermy $28.00 per 100 plus GST

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