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May 04

New Male Golden Pheasant in the shop

Posted by Steve Pegg on Monday, May 04, 2015


An adult male Golden Pheasant has just been added to our online shop.

He is from Asia, on a naturalistic base. With magnificent, vibrant, colourful plume. Exceptional quality, a beautiful decorative item or a welcome specimen to any collection.

Price: $1350

Jan 13

Taxidermy Game Heads

Posted by Steve Pegg on Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Happy New Year 2015 blog readers! Welcome to the New Year, we hope everyone had a great Christmas - and with the New Year comes new opportunities...and new Game Heads! Check out our online store, we have plenty of species in stock, and they're selling well. Any questions, get in touch and we'll help in any way we can.


Dec 17

12 Peacocks Preening

Posted by Steve Pegg on Wednesday, December 17, 2014


"On the 12th Day of Christmas my true love sent to me

12 peacocks preening..."

We have a beautiful adult peacock in a resting position, gorgeous full tail, complete with black or white pedestal stand. A stunning piece of taxidermy for the home decor.

We have a dozen Peacocks in all, in either right or left turning positions.

Only $1800.00

More peacock images coming soon. Contact us if you're interested. We'll be back with more soon & keep checking the shop. We're adding mounts daily as others sell out.

Dec 08

A Zebra for Christmas

Posted by Steve Pegg on Monday, December 08, 2014


Ok, here's our latest Christmas gift idea.

Zebra Head: Upright straight mount

Beautiful new zebra head with strong black neck markings. Lovely full mane and a natural clip to the animals right ear. Unique black markings to jaw line, it's the first of this type of markings we have encountered.
Excellent decor piece for the home, fashion store or board room.

Item number GH064    $5500

Contact us if you're interested regarding shipping and delivery time frames. We'll be back with more soon & keep checking the shop. We're adding mounts daily as others sell out.

Mar 25

African Lion Movie Project

Posted by Steve Pegg on Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Each day our field of work brings forward new and interesting challenges, so when a major movie production house called us to ask if we could provide a life size African Lion for a current movie, we felt equal to the challenge. But this was to be no ordinary lion mount. The script called for a life size male to be portrayed suspended from the ceiling as if it were recently deceased... And there were time limits, as is the case with most productions.

Fortunately we had a nice male lion in stock, however the biggest challenge was identifying reference photos of lions in a suspended dead pose. Google doesn't quite have everything. Yet with some team planning on anchor points and gravity, within seven days the entire project was completed in what we believe a very realistic attitude- all be it for a big dead cat. So next time you Google hanging African Lion, well maybe our work will feature in the images!

Mar 14

Phar Lap

Posted by Steve Pegg on Friday, March 14, 2014

Museum Victoria is famous the world over for its modern architectural designs amidst the Grandeur presence of the Royal Exhibition buildings of 1881. To the Australian man, the Street Museum Victoria is better known as the final resting place of an Australian icon Phar Lap.

Despite the fact that Phar Lap has been dead for over 80 years, Big Red is idolised by thousands of Australians, most whom were not even born at his time of track domination. In a racing career in Australia of less than three years- Phar Lap, bred and raised in New Zealand, had won more money than any other horse in either country at the time of his death in 1932. The Australian turf was completely dominated by this thoroughbred freak, who won 37 times in 51 starts and started favorite in races out of 42.

When Phar Lap had nothing more to conquer in Australia he was taken to America to continue his winning career. Less than 3 months after reaching the U.S, he was dead. No body knows with complete certainty as to why he died although theories in his sudden death have lingered through the decades. When Phar Laps life gushed from his body soon after midday on Tuesday April 5 1932 at Menlo Park California, the most sensational turf story of the century began humming over the cables to Australia.

"Phar Lap the Australian champion race horse died today."

Mar 07

Mounts for sale & rent

Posted by Steve Pegg on Friday, March 07, 2014

All our mounts are available for sale or rent.

At South Pacific, our vast stock of native and exotic wildlife has made us the number one choice amongst corporate entities when it comes to the purchase or rental of natural history material.

Whether it be film, print or the fashion industry catwalk, South Pacific Taxidermy will have something to suit your requirements.

If you’re an avid collector of the rare and exotic, or just requiring decorations for the house or office, feel free to call us. We have the largest and most diverse range of natural history mounts available anywhere in Australia. Stocks are constantly changing, with both short and long term rental options available.