Our Story


Service and Experience

With over 35 years involvement in taxidermy, South Pacific Taxidermy has grown to become the largest commercial taxidermist in Australia. Situated in a modern spacious premises in Thomastown Victoria, South Pacific  Taxidermy is by far the number one choice when it comes to  taxidermy.

Originally South Pacific Taxidermy began its journey in the early 1980s as Wild World Taxidermy, a 2m x 3m tin garden shed in my parents back yard served as my work shop  in the suburb of Greensborough Melbourne.

There was no room for a chair the freezer lid was a work bench top, and game capes would be salt dried on the concrete floor before being tanned in plastic garbage bins. An assortment of tools hung on the wall, there was even a fleshing machine and it was not uncommon to find an assortment of heads and birds to the size of moose or an ostrich skeleton within.

Our business has undergone a number of name changes over the decades, from its beginnings as Wild World Taxidermy, to Gary Pegg Taxidermy in the 90s, to a name that is now known around the world and one that reflects the combined efforts of a team of experienced individuals in our region.

South Pacific Taxidermy are the experts in African and North American safari taxidermy.

Licensed Taxidermist specialists

When you have world champion taxidermists on your team, then the choice is simple. But it s also important that that you seek the services of a licenced taxidermist when it comes to possessing native wildlife species.

South Pacific Taxidermy is licenced by the Victorian State Government as a Commercial Wildlife Taxidermist. We have both the  knowledge and experience that you depend upon when it comes to taxidermy.

Whether you're a domestic or international hunter, feel free to call the most experienced team in the industry and discuss your future hunt or safari with the people that really  know. 


Quality Counts

At South Pacific Taxidermy we pride ourselves on quality taxidermy with over 35 years experience in mounting international Big Game trophies, we are leaders in the industry when it comes to Safari taxidermy. 

AQIS approved for the treatment of imported hides, we can also arrange the export of mounted trophies through our network of agents and freight specialists.