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Situated in Melbourne, South Pacific Taxidermy has achieved International acclaim as Australia's leading taxidermy studio. Owner and master taxidermist, Gary Pegg is the only Australian taxidermist (and one of only a handful of persons outside North America) to have received Certification by the National Taxidermists Association USA.

Lifetime member of the NTA, Gary has been a pioneering influence in taxidermy excellence within Australia. With over 35 years involvement within the industry, Gary and the team at South Pacific Taxidermy combine to offer Australia's most experienced and trusted taxidermy studio.

Located off the M3 Northern Ring-road at Thomastown, only 20 minutes from Melbourne's international airport, South Pacific Taxidermy is the only commercial facility of its kind in Australia. This 2800 sq. ft. facility is also host to one of Australia's most extensive collections of native wildlife mounts held under special license authority.

South Pacific Taxidermy is a licensed Commercial Wildlife Taxidermist Type 2, in accordance with the Victorian Wildlife Act 1975.

We are also licensed under the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) Act 1908 as an approved treatment facility for imported animal skins and hides.

Our showroom and factory are open during regular trading days, Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5.30pm and on Saturday by prior appointment.


International Award Winner

South Pacific Taxidermy is a name known around the world. Our work has won more major awards than any other taxidermist in the region, which is why we are number one in the industry:

  1. National Champion Birds USA 1997.
  2. National Champion Small Mammal USA 1997.
  3. Frank Newmyer Award 1997.
  4. World Champion Bird Masters Division 1999 World Show.
  5. World Champion Masters Birds 1st 2nd & 3rd, 1999 World Show.
  6. Competitors Award Masters Division, 1999 World Show.
  7. Small Mammals Masters Division 1999 World Show 3rd Place.

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